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Nikon stepper

Product number: NikonStepper (also second-hand Stepper)

Model: Nikon i8, i9, i10, i11

Nikon stepper stepper setting inspection items:

  • stage run test
  • Wafer Flatness Test
  • Chip flatness test
  • Wafer Pre-Alignment Test
  • BST test
  • step test
  • Reticle Rotation Test
  • Lens Distortion Test
  • Marking Blind Test
  • overlap test
  • IUC check adjustment
  • Check laser power for LSA and interferometer
  • Lamp Power Check / Lamp Linearity Check

Load Position Adjustment:

  • Loading arm drive position check
  • Wafer loader to stage position check
  • Pre-2 unit inspection and adjustment
  • OF table inspection and adjustment
  • Adjust wafer loading position
  • Wafer Flow and Adjustment Capabilities
  • Check the repeatability of the wafer loader

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