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M&R Nano technology Co., LTD supplies technical lithography including Cleaners, Photoresist Coaters, Mask Aligners, Developers, Etching Machines, Photomask Designs and a variety of other equipment. We not only provide standard products, but also customize them through our professional R & D team.


Becoming a specialist in lithography field.



Optical equipment ─ Aligner, Coater, Photo Mask, Parallel light, high sensitivity CCD camera

M&R Nano Technology Co., Ltd pursues execellent quality products in semiconductor and nano technology fields. We provide Photo Mask Aliner Machines, UV Parallel Light, Photoresist Coating Machine, Developing Machine, Photo Mask (4 to 32 inches), and other related products. Our customers vary from universities, R&D centers to manufacturers. They also come from whole the world such as Japan, Singapore, China in Asia, European countries and U.S. We are developing the next generation of semiconductor testing equipments in order to become an expert regarding optical manufacturing equipments and resistant materials.


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In order to pursue the excellent quality of our products, we continually develop manufacturing technology. A superior testing environment was created to guarantee high accuracy and quality of each our provided equipment. Besides, we constantly focus on improving the manufacturing process to increase efficiency and productivity, and to reduce production cost. We, therefore, are able to immeditately respond to customers’ needs with highly competitive products.


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